SA Equine Veterinary Association







The South African Equine Veterinary Association (a group of the SAVA) is dedicated to improve the health and welfare of the equid through professional development of its members, providing leadership and resources in matters pertaining to the equine industry.

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Members enjoy a number of benefits:

  • An annual SAEVA conference is held in February every year. Your membership entitles you to a substantial discount on registration.
  • A quarterly magazine, the EQUINE HEALTH UPDATE, will keep you up to date on news and scientific articles for continued professional development for the equine practitioner.
  • DVD recordings of a number of CPD events available on order.
  • Members can obtain a PDF version of proceedings of Equine Congresses from 2000 at no cost. Hard copies available on order.
  • Regional CPD workshops and events are also organised for members according to specific requests and needs.
  • Client education workshops are offered as a service to members on a regular basis.
  • Resources developed by the SAEVA, like the PRE-PURCHASE EXAMINATION forms and MORTALITY INSURANCE forms and EQUINE ANATOMIC CHART are available to SAEVA members.

Chairperson: Dr Terry Casey (