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SAVA – 2021 Membership Fees:

Members R 3 320.00 vat incl
Junior Members 1st year R 1 200.00 vat incl
Junior Members 2nd year R 2 280.00 vat incl
Africa R 2 970.00 zero rated
Overseas R 5 900.00 zero rated
Online/Reduced Fee/Post Grad/CVC R 1 720.00 vat incl
Online Overseas R1 520.00 zero rated
Non Practising Members R 1 100.00 vat incl
Subscribers (Namibia) R 510.00 zero rated

Groups, Branches and Societies – Membership Fees: 

Poultry Group R 350.00 no vat
JHB Branch R 850.00 no vat
JHB Branch CCS R 400.00 no vat
Western Cape Branch R 150.00 no vat
Eastern Cape & Karoo R 140.00 no vat
Pretoria Branch R 800.00 no vat
Pig Vet Society R 200.00 no vat
RuVASA R 1 000.00 no vat
KZN R 200.00 no vat
Oranje Vaal Branch R 250.00 no vat
Eastern Free State R 265.00 no vat
Mpumalanga Branch R 240.00 no vat
Southern Free State & Northern Cape R 100.00 no vat
Northern KZN & Midlands Branch R 230.00 no vat
Southern Cape Branch R 225.00 no vat
Veterinary History Society R 60.00 no vat



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