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South African Veterinary Association Legal Status

Registration No 1901/02020/20
VAT nr 4280104920




Acc: 908 126 8400

Branch code: 63-20-05

REFERENCE: Vet Rhino Fund Donation


Standard Bank

Branch Code: 01-12-45

Account Number: 011812095

REFERENCE: Vet Rhino Fund Donation

Information about Poaching

Rhino poaching is on the increase in southern Africa and mainly South Africa. The country has the majority of the world’s rhino. In the past 3 years the known amount of rhinos illegally killed for their horn has risen from 83 (2008) to 333 (2010) ‒ an increase of 401%. In 2011 448 rhinos, mainly white rhinos (Ceratoterum simum), were slaughtered.

A total of 1 175 rhino were poached across South Africa in 2015, compared to 1 215 for the year before. The majority of the rhino killed – 826 – were killed in Kruger National Park.

Several organisations are very visible in their efforts to try and halt the illegal killing of our rhinos. The effort of these companies and every individual that is working on the ground is laudable and their efforts should continue to build on the successes they have had thus far.

Private veterinarians as well as veterinarians from the various nature conservation and parks authorities have also tirelessly been trying to save individual animals that were attacked. Most of the time their efforts have had very little reward as most of the animals that survived the initial onslaught died soon after intervention. There is a desperate need for better understanding the pathology caused by poaching in order to try and save as many of the survivors as possible.

Regardless of whether rhinos are kept on private or national reserves, they are a charismatic species that embodies the struggle many non-human organisms face to survive. As such, they should be regarded as a natural national asset and be treasured.



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