The SAVA is very proud of, and excited about VetNews, our monthly magazine.  VetNews is the official mouthpiece of the association. It is a forum for the SAVA to communicate with members providing news, dates to remember, practical information, CPD articles as well as reports about the activities of the Association.

The COVID pandemic has a major impact on our lives.

Restrictions on movement and trade have forced many companies to shrink their expenditure.

Printed newspapers and magazines are affected due to smaller marketing and advertising budgets. Media 24 has already announced changes to their wide range of publications as a direct result of the pandemic.

SAVA has decided to, for the foreseeable future, only publish VetNews in digital format.

The magazine is distributed to our members in electronic format via email and is available on the SAVA website in an easy-to-read format. 

As a result, we can now offer you advertising opportunities at greatly reduced rates.

We trust that you will continue to support the magazine, SAVA and the profession.

Please click here for the 2024 digital rates for your perusal and consideration.

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