The South African Veterinary Association is

United against Poaching:

Rhino Fund LogoThe increase in the number of rhinos being poached in South Africa has a direct effect on veterinarians as they get called out to examine and treat rhinos injured in poaching incidents. We decided to support our members by raising funds to assist them to treat the survivors to the best of their ability.

This is the origin of the Vets United against Poaching shirt project. R10-00 from every shirt sold is donated to the Veterinary Rhino fund. Visit the SAVAshop to order your shirt.

About the Vet Rhino Fund

This fund will be used as follows:

  1. For the Rhino Response Team:  To assist the veterinarians in affording orphan rhinos as well as rhino poaching survivors the best possible treatment.
  2. Country-veterinary workshops to enable veterinarians to share knowledge/ experience regarding the best treatment available for animals that survived poaching. It also focused on the management of any rhino poaching incident and ways to prevent rhino poaching.
  3. Rhino Support Unit: Due to the size, location and often the extent of the injuries, rhinos cannot be moved. Veterinarians have to attend to these rhinos in the field and would need an off-road mobile support unit stocked with the necessary medical equipment.


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