The Compulsory Community Service  programme aims to provide accessible and affordable veterinary services in the whole country especially the rural communities. The programme will involve the deployment of newly qualified veterinarians across the entire country and will focus on disease prevention, rendering ambulatory services and providing education especially regarding responsible pet ownership, resource utilization and optimizing livestock production. This programme will offer the newly qualified veterinarian the opportunity to render their much needed service to rural areas and gain valuable experience and knowledge.

Veterinarians performing compulsory community service will not compete with the private sector, but will complement services delivered by all sectors in the veterinary fraternity. Clinical services rendered in respect of the compulsory community service programme shall be aimed at, but not limited to, exposing and promoting access to clinical veterinary services among communities not currently aware or making use of it.

Compulsory community service will be centrally funded by the DAFF and CCS veterinarians will be the employees of DAFF. However, CCS veterinarians may be placed or seconded to any strategic partner such as Animal Welfare organizations, private practitioners, and other veterinary community outreach service providers in order to achieve the objectives of the programme.

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