Veterinary students are the future of the veterinary profession in South Africa. The SAVA supports them from the start to help with the smooth transition from veterinary student to veterinarian.


From their first year of study at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in South Africa University of Pretoria, all BVSc undergraduate students will be given FREE CADET membership. Cadet membership will be online, and students will not have the rights and privileges of full members

Cadet members have the following benefits:

  • Complimentary online SAVA membership, including access to the Member section of the SAVA website
  • SAVA member practices offering externship/ elective opportunities are listed on the member section of the SAVA website. Final-year veterinary students have 3 weeks of externships in their clinical year.
  • We have a sample of a veterinary employment contract for final years.
  • Online access to VetNews, our monthly magazine.
  • Find a job. Check our classifieds on the website.
  • SAVA Stress Management Hotline: is there to assist members who are experiencing personal problems. The hotline can assist with referrals or simply offer much needed emotional support when needed.


In their first year after graduation, veterinarians that wish to continue their membership with the SAVA may do so at a reduced rate. The fee for the first year of membership with the SAVA will be 33% of the full membership fee.

In their second year after graduation the fee for Junior Members will rise to 66% of the full membership fee.

Both of the above measures are to encourage new graduates to join the SAVA whilst finding their feet in the veterinary profession. Junior members will have all the rights and privileges of a full member. From their third year after graduation Junior Membership will cease and veterinarians will pay the full membership fee.

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