Dear SAVA Member,

We have circulated our first announcement for the SAVA//World Veterinary Association Congress to be hosted from the 16th to the 19th of April 2024.

We have endeavoured to provide an excellent value proposition for our SAVA members.

The following is important to take note of (all figures quoted are ex VAT):

1.    The earlier you register, the more significant the discount. For SAVA members, the rate up to the 31st of October is R6,650.00 – thereafter it increases to R8,150 (Early) up to the 31st of January, and then R10,250 (Regular) up the 31st of March, then R12,150 (Late and on-site). Super early discount compared to regular rates is therefore R3,600 – equal to the value of a full annual SAVA membership fee.
2.    To be able to qualify for this discount, you must be a fully paid-up member of SAVA for 2023 (or have a debit order instruction in place) and be a fully paid-up member for 2024 by the 31st of March 2024 (or have a debit order instruction in place). If paid up membership is not confirmed for 2024, delegates will be sent an additional invoice to make up the difference.

The discount is substantial:

  • Super Early SAVA Member: R6,650 vs Super Early non-member: R10,450 (Difference of R3,800)
  • Early SAVA Member (up to 31 January): R8,150 vs Early non-member: R12,350 (Difference of R4,200)
  • Regular SAVA Member (up to 31 March): R10,250 vs Regular non-member: R14,250 (Difference of R4,000).
  • Late and onsite SAVA Member: R12,150 vs non-member: R15,200 (R3,050).The difference of not being a SAVA member and registering after 31 March 2024 versus registering as a SAVA member before 31 October 2023 is therefore R8,850 – more than two years worth of SAVA Membership fees.

Similar discounts exist for retirees.

Click HERE for more information or go to to register.


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