frik-du-preez-vrfThe South African Veterinary Foundation started the Rhino and Conservation Fund in 2009 with a view to raise funds for supporting research in threatened species like rhinos and raising support in the fight against rhino poaching. Initial funds were applied to assisting with the mapping of DNA of all rhinos in Southern Africa. Since then it has expanded to support for documenting the anatomy of the rhino’s head.

The South African Veterinary Foundation has partnered with rugby player of the Century, Frik Du Preez and the Frik du Preez Rhino Fund to raise funds for the projects which have been identified to be of strategic importance for the future survival of the rhino. These include:

  • frik du preez logoDevelop and validate an anthrax vaccine for rhinos
  • Building bomas for sick and injured rhinos at The Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria
  • Supporting and development of wildlife databases linked to a permit on line system
  • Forensic support related to rhino poaching
  • Exploring the possibilities and supporting previously disadvantaged communities with ranching with rhinos
  • Supporting the training of wardens/rangers in forensic investigation
  • Relocating rhinos to safer havens

Contact Details:

Debbie Breeze

Banking Details:

ABSA – Monument Park

Branch code: 632005

Account number: 4053654551

International code: ABSA2AJJ

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