Rhino 3The last decade has seen a 4500 percent increase in the number of rhino poached in South Africa.

The current onslaught on rhino in South Africa is the second wave against the species in recent history. The mid 60’s saw them teetering on the brink of extinction through socio political issues. The current rate of poaching, brings the tipping point for the specie’s survival closer every day.

The South African Veterinary Association, the collective, voluntary, representative organisation for veterinarians in South Africa has played a pivotal role in co-ordinating efforts from the veterinary profession’s side to assist in the war against rhino poaching. The SAVA Rhino Fund was created to further this initiative. As professional organisation we realise that the solution to this crisis needs a multi-disciplinary approach in which vets will always play a vital role. The South African

sava rhino conferenceVeterinary Association is involved in mobilising educational efforts both for veterinarians and the public. Country wide veterinary workshops have been arranged to enable veterinarians to share knowledge and experience regarding the best treatment available for animals that survive poaching. Education includes information about the use of veterinary drugs and the regulations related to the use of these drugs. The workshops also focus on the management of any rhino poaching incident crime scene, collection of evidence for forensic investigation and ways to prevent rhino poaching.

The Veterinary Association has been very active in educating children at schools informing them what the fuss is about, and equipping them with the truth about rhino horn.

Rhino 2The SAVA Rhino fund has enabled the Association to be involved in educating the public by means of information brochures and speaking engagements at public events, facilitating media conferences, and visual media creation for local and international news networks, to create an awareness of the plight of the rhino. The SAVA also promotes and provides contact details of relevant authorities and role players to report suspicious activities to.

Fund raising efforts by the SAVA for the SAVA Vet Rhino Fund has included change collection tins at private veterinary hospitals and clinics, the sale of branded shirts, and the creation and sale of awareness bracelets. Further to this the Association has also accepted donations and direct deposits of contributions.

Donation and contributions can be made directly into the SAVA accounts and should be marked SAVA Rhino Fund.

Alternatively, donations made via the sister organisation of the SAVA, the South African Veterinary Foundation, can be deducted from tax as the SAVF has Public Benefit Organisation Status. Funds can be distributed from the SAVF directly to the SAVA Rhino Fund as long as it is clearly marked SAVA Rhino Fund.

For further information contact

Contact Details:

Christelle Fourie


Banking Details:



Acc: 908 126 8400

Branch code: 63-20-05





Standard Bank

Branch code: 01-12-45


Account Number: 011812095


For Tax deductable donations via the South African Veterinary Foundation please mark clearly SAVA Rhino Fund

Contact Details:

Debbie Breeze


Banking Details:

ABSA – Monument Park

Branch code: 632005

Account number: 4053654551

International code: ABSA2AJJ


Important information

Treatment of rhinos which have been poached using opiods

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  2. Summary of initial evaluation, decision making and treatment
  3. Summary of wound treatment 
  4. Summary of crime scene evaluation and forensic post mortem
  5. Summary of blood samples needed for rhino research
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