Wes-Kaap Tak Kontakbesonderhede / Branch Contact Information

Chairperson:  Lesley van Helden  (Lesley.vanhelden@gmail.com)

“Western Cape Branch is an active branch comprising of vets representing all aspects of the veterinary profession, including large and small animal private practice, state veterinary and welfare veterinarians.

We have a strong focus on continuing education with an informative monthly newsletter, and annual mini-congress.

The highlight of our social calendar is the annual Crayfish weekend at Tietiesbaai on the West coast, usually held during February.


June 2015:

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Southern Cape Congress Feedback 2015

SAABS Programme

SAABS Registration form

Animal Blood Bank 

March 2015:

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Compulsary Community Service

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February 2015 Newsletter:


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Pets as therapy


One health in disaster management

AHS Policy


January 2015 Newsletter (Click here to open):


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AHS Movement Control Temp

AHS Movement Control Policy

Michelle Adam – Nordic lands

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December 2014 Newsletter Documents:


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Newsletter Disclaimer

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Guy Fawkes

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