Wes-Kaap Tak Kontakbesonderhede / Branch Contact Information

Chairperson:  Dr Omar Mehtar (loxadonta@gmail.com)

Western Cape Branch is an active branch comprising of vets representing all aspects of the veterinary profession, including large and small animal private practice, state veterinary and welfare veterinarians.

We have a strong mandate on continuing education with an informative annual mini congress that tries to focus on applicable and practical general practise knowledge gleaned from specialist in and around the Western Cape and sometimes from anywhere in South Africa.

The highlight of our social calendar is the annual weekend at Tietiesbaai on the West coast, usually held during February. Vets and their entire families are encouraged to attend and relax in the rustic and picturesque settings as they unwind and enjoy the sun, sand and food the area has to offer. The annual AGM is held during this time.

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