Terms of Reference:

  • To promote the practice and advancement of community health with special reference to veterinary public health as defined in its broadest sense by the World Health Organisation and in particular, the part of public health which uses professional veterinary skills, knowledge and resources for the protection and improvement of human health.
  • To promote the profession and legitimate interests of personnel engaged in the practical of veterinary public health.
  • To work together with the SAVA for close collaboration of veterinarians interested in public health.

Chairperson: Dr Thandi Chiappero (nee Fourie) – thandifourie@gmail.com


Taenia Solium Cysticercosis – Life cycle, epidemiology and diagnosis

Cysticercosis Food and Animal Health Policy

Pathogenesis, clinical presentation and management of Neurocystercercosis

Cysticercosis at farms and abattoirs in Gauteng Province, preliminary results


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