Dog In My Footsteps @ R85

dog in my footstep photoLike a breath of fresh air, the long awaited sequel to If The Cat Fits has breezed into our lives. Picking up where Cat left off, Chrystal Sharp’s new book chronicles the next five years in the life and times of a vet in a small coastal town in the Eastern Cape as seen through the eyes of his effervescent wife. Sometimes wacky, often moving, but always engaging, Dog In My Footsteps is a lively account of the family’s assimilation into their new community. Chrystal’s grudging tolerance of the follies and foibles of the human race, combined with offerings from the many animals who share her life, give us a narrative that is both hilarious and thought provoking.

Those who enjoyed her first book will not be disappointed for all the elements that made it such a delight are back in abundance. This new window into Chrystal’s world has one succumbing to the notion that one is visiting an old family friend.

Chrystal’s stories are a celebration of all that is simple and beautiful in life – a welcome tonic in the stressful times in which we live. And whilst being entertained, we are subliminally compelled to examine our role as custodians of the planet, and all that it requires of us. Herein lies the substance that makes this charming book more than just the fun read that it appears to be.

Once again, it is a fitting tribute to Chrystal and her family’s commitment to promoting’ the health and welfare of animals and mankind’ that this book, like its predecessor, will be instrumental in helping vets create a system of delivery – through the Community Veterinary Clinics initiative – that seeks to give all South African animal caregivers access to essential veterinary services.

In Fool Flight @ R85

in fool flightMore stories from Chrystal Sharp about her life in a coastal town in the Eastern Cape and the many creatures who share it.

We meet up again with the Sharp menagerie – cats and dogs and, of course, penguins. An increasing number of other marine birds are moving in too – some have been rehabilitated and ‘released’ but simply find life with Chrystal too comfortable and return home in the evenings hoping for a bit of supper.




Your best Friend @ R20


Julia Malcolm
School of Veterinary Science
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, 3030

“This information booklet was compiled specifically for pet owners in indigent communities of South Africa. It is a well conceived and presented booklet with useful and factual information for all pet owners. The text covers almost all topics from acquiring a dog or a cat, care and welfare thereof, to the social and health issues. Prominent scientific specialists in South Africa have contributed to this booklet and their input conveyed in an easy to read manner, with key points highlighted for an easy check list. This is a must-have information booklet for current and future pet owners alike. It has been translated into Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sestoho sa Leboa, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga. I fully commend and support SAVA and CVC for their initiative and commitment to animal welfare and education in South Africa”


Tales of an African Vet @ R180

tales of an african vetAmazing vets doing incredible things to astonishing animals in unbelievable places.

Dr Roy Aronson, an experienced small animal veterinarian, takes the reader with him on his adventures throughout South Africa. He visits and works with friends who are vets and does veterinary procedures with these experienced specialized vets on site, wherever that may be. They work in the sophistication of an urban small animal hospital or they work by setting up an operating theatre in the wild African bush.

Join Dr. Roy on his adventures in the African bush where you will meet Jabu the elephant, Munwane, the rhino or travel to Cape Town to meet Gulliver the Border Collie and Chloe the Bulldog.

Dr. Roy Aronson is a vet in private practice who has kept a diary of his adventures over the last few years. This diary has evolved into this book that we hope you will enjoy.

It’s a Vet’s Life @ R165

Finale Omslag c.inddWhat do you do when your dog swallows a steel sosatie stick?

Or your semi-feral pet wolf gets a skin infection?

And when a delinquent elephant gets frisky with the rhinos on a Limpopo game reserve?

You call Dr. Roy Aronson…

It’s a Vet’s Life recounts the remarkable experiences that Dr. Aronson has had during his more than 25 years as a vet. These include challenging moments and tough decisions, bur also miraculous recoveries and an assortment of wacky characters, both animal and human. One thing remains constant: Aronson’s delightful, humorous take on every situation.



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