Revised Position Statement: Use of Unregistered vaccines by veterinarians

Released 11 December 2012


The South African Veterinary Association has retracted its Position Statement on the Use of Unregistered Vaccines in Livestock by Veterinarians in South Africa, to revise the said position statement.


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Position statement on the use of Phenylbutazone:

Accepted 1 August 2012


The South African Veterinary Association supports the continued use of phenylbutazone in horses with inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders. Due to consumer-safety concerns, however, the SAVA does not condone or support the use of phenylbutazone in the treatment of any animal producing food for human consumption.



 SAVA Position statement on Feeding Live prey


“The feeding of live prey should only be considered if unavoidable, and then in terms of offences with respect to the Animals Protection Act"


SAVA Standpoint on RHINO POACHING and illegal distribution of game capture drugs


The South African Veterinary Association [SAVA] condemns in the strongest possible terms illegal activities such as the poaching of rhinoceros and in particular the cruel and brutal methods used by the poachers. We will do all in our power to assist in the prosecution of culprits especially any member of the veterinary profession who may be involved in the supply of game capture drugs to the poachers.


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Opinion on Rodeos and Bull riding

Animals are used in various spectator events for exhibition, entertainment and sports.  Unavoidably, there will always be some element of stress and risk involved when animals are involved in any of these events because:

  • They are moved outside the environment where they are normally kept and
  • In some cases they are required to perform a specific function that can increase the chances of stress and injury


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Position Statement on Kosher Slaughter and Ritual Slaughter

The Veterinary profession serves and supports the animal production industry and is obliged to do so in an ethical and humane manner.  The slaughter of animals by traditional and religious methods is regulated by the Meat Safety Act and on ethical and humane grounds we consider the physical killing of animals without stunning as causing unnecessary suffering.


Position Statement on Green Hunting

SAVA states that no animals should be darted for the sole purpose of providing a safari or hunting experience for a client for commercial reasons. No individual animal should be darted or immobilized repeatedly for the amusement or entertainment of humans or for sport or for financial reasons. Darting safaris by veterinarians and non-veterinarians should be considered unprofessional and unlawful. Veterinarians have a moral responsibility towards all animals and must never abuse or misuse them.


Ratified: September 2010


Position Statement on the use of Callicrate Bander

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) is opposed to the use of the Callicrate Bander to castrate male calves.


Position Statement on Greyhound Racing

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) is opposed to the legalization of Greyhound racing in South Africa.