screen shot final smallerReceiving a message from the SAVA has never been easierEffective communication is critical and a monthly printed newsletter is sometimes not enough. Emails sometimes get deleted by mistake and no matter how impressive our website – you have to go through the motions to visit it.

So, how can we communicate effectively with our members?

The solution is simple!

The d6 Communicator is an easy-to-use tool that pushes information directly to our members. It’s simple and immediate. And it requires almost no effort on the part of our members.

The SAVA wants to keep our members in the loop, everyday!  Communicator benefits the members and the SAVA:· A direct channel between the SAVA and our members · Up-to-date news, events, timetables, contacts, photos and more · Members receive only news that is relevant to them · Easy to use  What you need to do:All you need to do is to click on the link and follow the instructions to download the communicator onto your computer: Download WINDOWS & MAC application here: Download url:  While downloading click “save” first and thereafter “run”.  Mobile url (For smart phones and Ipads):  Please do not hesitate to contact Christelle Fourie at Vethouse ( or 012 346 1150) should you need assistance.

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