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PRETORIA BRANCH – FINALIZED meeting dates 2017

30 May   – Paul Mellor  – Feline Lymphoma

29 June  – Andrew Leisewitz – Otitis externa

3 August – Zandri Whitehead  – Disease of the Gall Bladder

21 September  – Emma Hooijberg  – Body cavity Effusions

2 November  – Wilco  Botha : New household Toxins in pets

 Acting Chair: Dr Liesel van der Merwe (lieselvdmvet@gmail.com)

New members can attend their first meeting for free as a trial run  – thereafter they will need to pay pro rata for the remainder of the year.


VetHouse  – 47 Gemsbok Ave , Monument park . We start at 7:00 for 7:45 pm and finish at about 9:00pm


The cost of joining the branch is R800-00 per year and this is used to pay for speakers, meals and venue hire. The fee will be applied pro-rata for those joining later in the year.

  1. Once you are a member you will be billed via SAVA with your yearly fee.
  2. To access the talk, attendance registers and CPD certificates, you need to fill in the passphrase. This will be supplied to you as a paid up member for the year. If you do not have it just contact Dr Comins, Dr vd Merwe or Dr Scheepers.
  • You enter this passphrase and then login again in the blocks below  (caps sensitive)
  • The system remembers your passphrase  – connected to your login details and you will not need to enter the passphrase again

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