Rate cards

The SAVA offers several opportunities to advertisers for advertising to our members:


Final Rate Card 2017

Contact marketing@sava.co.za

Small Advertisements / Classifieds

Contact Sonja van Rooyen for Classified Ads: 012 346 1150 / assistant@sava.co.za


Smalls Advertising Rates

Fees for 2017

VAT Incl.

Adverts small (members less than 50 words) 225.00
Adverts small (members 50 – 80 words) 395.00

Adverts small (non – member less than 50 words)

VAT Incl.

Local 365.00
Overseas 480.00

Adverts small (non – members 50 – 80 words)

VAT Incl.

Local 935.00
Overseas 995.00

Bulk e-mail and SMS

ist1_4933149_mobile_phone_on_a_laptopThe SAVA also offers a bulk e-mail and SMS (to all members on the database) service to members and the public. For more information, please contact Sonja van Rooyen on 012 346 1150 or assistant@sava.co.za.  Bulk e-mail cost R4 450 (non-SAVA members) and R2 225 for SAVA Members. The bulk SMS cost is R1 050 (Excluding VAT).

(Terms and conditions apply)